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In our humble opinion, Beaches Negril is one of the most enjoyable places we've ever visited; SCUBA diving, catamaran sailing, family events every evening, snorkeling, tennis, several gyms, great beach, water slides, lazy river, good restaurants and even better bars! One of the best banana daiquiris I've ever had, and they are made fresh every time you order one!

This is an all-inclusive resort and yes there are several speciality restaurants, but we found the food at the included restaurants to be so good, that we have never wanted to eat anywhere else.

If you have never been to Jamaica and you are planning a trip there, or you just want to know more about it, here are some good sources of information;

In the background distance of the image above, is the West End of Jamaica, where the city of Negril is located. Further around the West End, is the world famous Rick's Cafe.

It is easy to walk around Negril Bay from the Beaches at Negril Resort to the city of Negril, and you will pass by a number of resorts of all types. Be prepared to walk, because Negril is approximately 5 miles from the resort and along the way, the beach becomes narrow in various locations.

Typical beach scene at Beaches Negril - everyone comes to the beach chair areas, or grabs a beach chair or lounge under the palm trees.

And I guess I failed to mention that Beaches has a very nice gym, and there is hardly ever anybody there!

I also forgot to mention beach volleyball. In fact, the staff there are always organizing fun somewhere!

Jeremy and buddies either watching Foosball, or just hanging out plotting their next adventure.

This may have been water volleyball, keep-away, or some variation that Jeremy thought up.

This was the view from our Beaches at Negril suite, beautiful eh?

Celeste and I enjoying another beautiful Jamaican sunset. Just about every evening, they have these beautiful sunsets, so heading down to the beach after dinner was a "must".

There is every type and size of water recreation items available, and sailing in the mornings when the offshore breeze was blowing, was something we frequently enjoyed!

If you do not know how to sail, or how to captain a catamaran - you can buy lessons! If you do not know how to use SCUBA, they have PADI certifed instructors who can teach you how to use the equipment and take you on a mine-dive.

The main restaurant: The food served there was consistently quite good, plentiful and always on time. The dinners are served "buffet style" where you walk past the offerings and select whatever you want. Non-alcoholic drinks are available in the buffet area, or you can order other drinks from the service staff.


Like I was just saying, sunsets are always prettier at the beach. Imagine sitting on the beach every evening, sipping a very nice banana dauquiri and admiring these beautiful sunsets?

You never know who will show up at a Beaches at Negril luau, and Big Bird was perhaps the very last person we thought we'd see there! I'd be willing to bet that Big Bird came for either the luau dinner or perhaps the after-dinner dancing!

Chelsea and Dad pondering whether to join the "how low can you go" limbo people, or whether to just hang out and watch.

Chelsea & Jeremy mugging about on the beach after the luau.

Celeste celebrating a great meal at the Beaches Luau, or perhaps she is working off those calories?

Chelsea trying to convince Jeremy to get up and go for a walk. It appears as though Jeremy is not convinced yet.

Jeremy took a SCUBA introduction class held by PADI Certified Divers at the Resort. You can see by his expression, that he enjoyed it!

This is the drill where you sink to the bottom of the pool, you remove all of your equipment including the mouthpiece and then you put all your gear back on. This drill demonstrates to the students how to manage an equipment emergency while underwater.

And at the conclusion of the pool SCUBA introduction drills, we all surface! This was probably more to insure that everyone had been properly breathing while underwater.

It should be noted that the SCUBA instructors and dive masters here at Beaches, are all PADI certified and are very competent with safety being their number one focus. I dove with these guys on a number of trips we took here, and have nothing but the highest regard & respect for them.

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Meanwhile, back in Virginia, the Christmas Dog was glad to see us come back home, so she wore her "happy hat" to greet us! And she decided that her job was to rest near the Christmas tree so that nobody would be able to sneak anything past her!

But then Casey decided that she wanted the hat off, so she is trying to get our attention.

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