The following tips are provided to make your usage of this site easier

  • Site Search: Our search feature is provided by Google, and the search results you will receive will contain several Google Advertisements followed by a list of pages where your search phrase was found. For example, if you entered "Portugal" in the search text box, Google will show you every page on our site where the word "Portugal" appeared.
  • External Links: Where appropriate, points of interest, other sites, specific locations, etc will be linked to allow you to directly visit their website. These links will always be "blue" to allow you to distinguish normal text from links. These links generally are of other websites, Wikipedia Articles or other informative Web Page.
  • Pinterest: Because we allow & support Pinterest picture acquisition for all of our images, you will be able to "see" a Pinterest icon in the upper left corner of any of our images. The Pinterest icon will be visible when you hover your mouse over an image (on a desktop or laptop). To make the Pinterest icon visible on a mobile device (think iPad or iPhone), single click the image and the Pinterest icon will be made visible. NOTE: Some images on various pages will not be Pinterest "pin-able". You will have to go to that page's Image Gallery where all images are allowed to be "pin-able".
  • Slide Show: Left click any image (not on the Pinterest icon), and the slide show will start. To dismiss the slide show, click the "X" in the upper right corner of the window.
    • Next Image: use either the right arrow key or place the mouse on the right side of the window and click the "next" arrow link.
    • Previous Image: use either the left arrow key or place the mouse on the left side of the image and click the "previous" arrow link.
    • Stop Slide Show: The area at the upper right of the window has 4 icons, which in order (left toright) are; Zoom image, Run automatic slide show, display list of images and exit popup image.
    • Display Image from Image List: The Image List is displayed after you click the upper right third icon, and then all images are displayed on the right side of the window. Click anyone of those images in the list to display it.
  • Intrapage Navigation: On all pages on the far right side of the page, there will be an "up arrow" and a "down arrow" which when clicked will scroll to the top or bottom of that page. On most pages (but not all yet) there will be a "hamburger menu icon" (below the "down arrow") which if clicked, will popout a menu list of locations on the page you are currently viewing. Clicking any of the items listed will scroll you to that location & the popout menu will disappear.
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