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Who We Are

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We are Celeste and Terry and we are American travel bloggers, parents, grandparents, software engineers and we love traveling and experiencing new places. Our home base is currently in Sarasota, Florida.

Terry is an eternal lover of travel, an avid reader and somewhat of a history buff. As the son of an Air Force Colonel he spent his childhood in many different places. Every two years they would be transferred somewhere new…. Okinawa, Guam, Nebraska, Arizona, South Dakota, etc. We credit his love for travel to his experiences traveling to new places as a child. His love for travel, history and fun has defined our family. Terry loves the facts and logistics and Celeste loves taking the pictures and the artsy stuff - together we make a good team.

We’ve been married since 1989 and our motto has been that we work to pay for our vacations. Despite our hardships and the financial holes that we found ourselves in from time to time we always found ways to travel and have fun. We started our blog by documenting our family trips and you will see that in our earlier posts. Today our kids are grown and we have more freedom to travel and share our love of travel than we’ve ever had before and we decided that it was time to evolve our blog into something more.

Just Traveling Thru was conceived during a seven month hiatus that Celeste took from work in 2018. We were traveling a lot and adding more and more to a very basic Google-based Blog. The term “just traveling thru” captures how we feel about travel and about life. We are “just traveling thru” this life, experiencing, learning, and living. Life does not always serve up roses and we want to enjoy life as much as we can while we are here and healthy enough to travel. We also like to get t-shirts when we are traveling in order to “prove” we were there. “It doesn’t count if you don’t have the t-shirt”, Terry likes to say. It’s also important to give back when we are able to. So… we decided to make Just Traveling Thru both a blog and a brand. We obtained our own Domain Name, and relocated all of our Google Blog contents into our own Website using GoDaddy as our Internet Service Provider.

We offer travel tips, historical facts, some local reviews and advice based on things we’ve learned along the way. We are just starting out with our designs but we have an online store selling just traveling thru t-shirts with 50% of the profits going to charities that we and our followers love.

Drop us a note (via our 'Contact Us' link via the 'Info' button) if you have suggestions we’d love to hear from you. Thank you for taking time to read our story and please share our blog with your friends if you like it.

Celeste and Terry


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