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Team Bios and Descriptions

Our Team is comprised of the two of us, we are a married couple who both had long careers in the Software Development Industry.

Team Bios and Descriptions

Celeste Lipford

Hey there, I'm Celeste, a former software engineer turned passionate traveler and content creator residing in sunny Sarasota, Florida. Transitioning from software management, I've delved into the realms of imagery, blog content, social media, and YouTube video creation, all aimed at sharing insights and tips to assist our community in planning and embarking on their own adventures across the USA and Europe. Finding joy in life's simple pleasures like eating raspberries and wearing flip-flops, I revel in the artistic nuances of our travels. With our children now grown, I relish the freedom to explore new horizons and invite fellow enthusiasts to join me on the journey through the Just Traveling Thru platform.

Team Bios and Descriptions

Terry Lipford

Hello, I'm Terry Lipford, a former software engineer with an insatiable passion for travel and a deep love for delving into history. Growing up as the son of an Air Force Colonel meant my childhood was an adventure in itself, with relocations every two years to places like Okinawa, Guam, Florida, Nebraska, Arizona, and South Dakota - with side trips to the Philippines as well as other Pacific Nations. These early experiences instilled in me a lifelong curiosity for exploring new cultures and landscapes. Now, as part of our travel blog team, I handle the nuts and bolts, focusing on implementing our ideas and meticulously researching the facts, history, and logistical information that enriches our content. Whether it's uncovering hidden gems or sharing practical tips, I aim to provide our audience with valuable insights garnered from my diverse background and love for adventure.


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