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This trip was a combined "business & pleasure" trip as Celeste had to attend several business meetings in Denver and so we had decided to visit Celeste's sister-in-law in Colorado Springs after the work stuff was completed. We had not spent any quality time in that part of Colorado previously, as all of our previous trips to Colorado had been all about getting to the ski areas !

A description and images from a trip to Colorado.



A description and images from a trip to Colorado.

The business portion of this trip took place at my wife's place of employment in Littleton, CO. As several other co-workers joined her for various meetings, we decided to rent a house in the Arapahoe area of Denver. This allowed us to not only have more space, but to also have our own kitchen.

Colorado Springs is a home rule municipality that is the largest city by area in Colorado as well as the county seat and the most populous municipality of El Paso County, Colorado, United States. It is in east central Colorado, on Fountain Creek, 60 miles (97 km) south of Denver. At 6,035 feet (1,839 m) the city stands over 1 mile (1.6 km) above sea level, though some areas are significantly higher and lower. Colorado Springs is near the base of Pikes Peak, which rises 14,115 feet (4,302 m) above sea level on the eastern edge of the Southern Rocky Mountains.

The United States Air Force Academy occupies an area just north of Colorado Springs, opening in 1958. The city is home to 24 national sports governing bodies, including the United States Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic Training Center, and USA Hockey.

The city had an estimated population of 478,221 in 2019, and a metro population of approximately 738,939, making it Colorado's second most populous city, behind Denver, and the 39th most populous city in the United States. The Colorado Springs, CO Metropolitan Statistical Area had an estimated population of 712,327 in 2016. The city is in the Front Range Urban Corridor, an oblong region of urban population along the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and Wyoming, generally following Interstate 25.

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A description and images from a trip to Colorado.
Colorado Springs Interesting Facts
  • Nikola Tesla’s Experimental Laboratory Was located near Memorial Park.
  • Among the more interesting legends about Colorado Springs’ beginnings is that it became a haven for those recovering from tuberculosis.
  • The Rocky Mountain Women’s Film Festival, held each year in Colorado Springs since 1987, has celebrated over three decades of supporting and uplifting women’s film in the Pikes Peak region.
  • The founder of Colorado Springs, General Palmer, was a Quaker who served in the Union Army.
  • The Cotton Club was Colorado’s first integrated Jazz Club.
  • The Garden of the Gods is a popular natural landmark nestled at the foot of Pikes Peak on the west side of Colorado Springs.
Frequently Asked Questions about Colorado Springs
  • What is the cost of living in Colorado Springs 2023: Colorado Springs has seen a rise in its overall cost of living during the past few years along with the rest of the country. Click this link to read a relocation article abouit moving to Colorado Springs.
  • Is there an airport in Colorado Springs: Yes, follow this external link to go to their website.
  • Is Colorado Springs easily accessible via automobile: Yes - Colorado Springs is located just 70 miles south of Denver on Interstate 25 (approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes drive time).
  • What are the temperature averages/extremes for Colorado Springs: They get an average of 57.3 inches of snow each year. Click this external link to view a chart on the WEATHER.GOV website for temperature averages.
  • What is the Colorado Springs dining & nightlife like: Colorado Springs has the state's only 5-diamond restaurant and a multitude of award-winning establishments to fit your mood, taste and budget. There are relaxing or high-energy lounges and nightclubs to be found in downtown Colorado Springs or nearby Old Colorado City and Manitou Springs.
  • Does Colorado Springs have a classical music venue: Yes, the Colorado Springs Philharmonic, click this external link to go to their website.
Colorado Springs - Gold Camp Road      Map
A description and images from a trip to Colorado.

Having a person who knows this area come along and navigate allowed us to visit some interesting areas. This area named Gold Camp Road has an Creek Park and they are said to be severely haunted, and while this is just superstition, the threatening claws of the fence guarding one of the tunnels aren’t doing anything to discourage the stories.

Gold Camp Road, a historic route in Colorado, weaves through the mesmerizing landscapes of the Rocky Mountains, connecting Colorado Springs to the mining towns of Cripple Creek and Victor. Originally a railroad bed converted into a scenic byway, the road winds through dense forests, revealing panoramic views and remnants of old mining operations. Travelers are treated to tunnels, captivating rock formations, and glimpses of the region's rich mining history. Today, Gold Camp Road is a popular recreational trail, inviting hikers, bikers, and adventurers to explore its scenic wonders, offering a journey through time and nature in the heart of Colorado.

Colorado Springs - Gold Camp Road Tunnels        Map
A description and images from a trip to Colorado.

Although it's not an official Colorado scenic byway, Gold Camp Road offers up some incredible views of the countryside around the Front Range and some special scenic wonders. Following a former rail bed, the narrow dirt track is suitable for most vehicles. Gold Camp Road bridges the towns of Cripple Creek and Colorado Springs, and was once used to Short Line Tunnel transport gold ore destined for processing. It takes little imagination as to how it was named, as the Cripple Creek area was once heavily populated with miners and prospectors.

Colorado Springs - Pike's Peak Highway        Map
A description and images from a trip to Colorado.

There are several ways to reach the summit of Pike's Peak; Cog Train, hike, bicycle, tour bus or drive yourself. We selected "drive yourself" because we planned to stop at various locations if for no other reason than to enjoy the scenery. Keep in mind that Pike's Peak is not a National Park and that all fees go towards maintaining the highway. So as you can no doubt imagine, it is not an inexpensive drive to take, ie; $50 per car, $15 per person older than 16 and $5 for each child below 16. It is for a good cause, and the fees are slightly less expensive in the winter ( December 1st to April 30th).

You can get your tickets online here. You must have advance reservations in order to make this drive. Same day reservations will be allowed, if there is space available. You may also be able to purchase tickets at the Gateway, if there is space available.

Colorado Springs - Pike's Peak Summit  
A description and images from a trip to Colorado.

This is the goal of the drive! Or perhaps the Summit House donuts at 14,115 above sea level? On a more serious note, this kind of altitude has to be respected as you can get "altitude sickness" at this height and regular breathing is not going to get enough oxygen into your system. If you have any kind of breathing issues, you might want to consider bringing some oxygen with you for a drive like this. A short duration stay is not going to impact you very much, which is what we did.

Don't forget to try one of the famous Pike's Peak Doughnuts at the Summit House. Made hot and fresh each day by a donut robot that spits out some 700 donuts per hour! They are the only donuts produced at an altitude above 14,000 feet anywhere in the world.

Colorado Springs - Manitou Springs        Map
A description and images from a trip to Colorado.

After such an amazing drive, and considering that we had just about missed lunch time, we decided to get off the highway and stop in Manitou Springs for lunch.

Manitou Springs is a charming mountain town renowned for its vibrant art scene, natural beauty, and historic allure. Famous for its mineral springs believed to possess healing properties, visitors can still indulge in the tradition of sipping from the eight public fountains scattered throughout the town. The iconic Manitou Incline, a challenging hiking trail, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscapes. Quaint boutiques, galleries, and cafes line the streets, creating a welcoming atmosphere for locals and tourists alike. With a rich Native American and Victorian history, Manitou Springs is a captivating destination, seamlessly blending culture and nature.

Colorado Springs - The Loop Restaurant        Map
A description and images from a trip to Colorado.

Good menu and great lunch! Very easy to get to; exit U.S. Route 24 as you are headed back to Colorado Springs and follow Manitou Avenue (which is also Business Route 24) and you will see The Loop on the right side of the street.

Housed in a historic building dating back to the early 20th century, the restaurant offers a warm and inviting ambiance. Known for its diverse menu, The Loop crafts delectable dishes showcasing local ingredients and international influences. Guests can savor innovative cuisine while enjoying views of the picturesque surroundings. Whether indulging in signature cocktails or savoring a meticulously prepared meal, The Loop Restaurant offers a delightful dining experience, making it a must-visit destination in Manitou Springs.

Colorado Springs -  Garden of the Gods        Map
A description and images from a trip to Colorado.

This is the Cathedral Valley showing it's unusual hogback formations. The area was first called Red Rock Corral by the Europeans. Then, in August 1859, two surveyors who helped to set up Colorado City explored the site. One of the surveyors, M. S. Beach, suggested that it would be a "capital place for a beer garden". His companion, the young Rufus Cable, awestruck by the impressive rock formations, exclaimed, "Beer Garden! Why, it is a fit place for the Gods to assemble. We will call it the Garden of the Gods."

Colorado Springs - Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum        Map
A description and images from a trip to Colorado. Image is the property of JAKeeran via Wikimedia Commons

The Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum (CSPM) is a cultural treasure nestled in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. Housed in the beautifully restored El Paso County Courthouse, the museum pays homage to the region's rich history. Exhibits chronicle the city's evolution from its founding in 1871, showcasing artifacts, photographs, and documents that illuminate the lives of early pioneers. Visitors can explore the indigenous cultures, the impact of gold mining, and the growth of Colorado Springs into a vibrant community. The museum also delves into the architectural heritage, featuring the renowned Van Briggle Pottery collection and hosting educational programs. With engaging exhibits and a commitment to preserving the legacy of the Pikes Peak region, the Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum serves as a captivating destination for locals and tourists alike, offering a fascinating journey through the past.

Colorado Springs - The Broadmoor Hotel        Map
A description and images from a trip to Colorado. Image is the property of Tim Chambers via Wikimedia Commons

The Broadmoor Hotel in Colorado Springs stands as an iconic and luxurious retreat, epitomizing elegance and hospitality since 1918. Nestled against the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains, this historic resort offers world-class amenities and impeccable service. The Broadmoor boasts a rich legacy, hosting celebrities, dignitaries, and discerning travelers. Its enchanting architecture reflects a blend of classic and modern styles, while the lush grounds feature manicured gardens and a picturesque lake. With an array of dining options, award-winning golf courses, and an indulgent spa, guests can revel in opulence and leisure. The Broadmoor's commitment to excellence extends to its activities, including outdoor adventures and cultural experiences. Whether exploring the nearby Cheyenne Mountain Zoo or simply enjoying the refined ambiance, The Broadmoor Hotel remains a timeless destination, synonymous with grandeur and sophistication in the heart of Colorado Springs.

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