Lake Anna - The Perfect Lakeside Vacation

For those of you who may be asking "where is Lake Anna"; It is 102 miles southwest of Washington D.C. via I-66, Route 29 and Route 522. It is 68 miles northwest of Richmond, VA via I-64 and Route 522. As you can see in the map (the red marker in the left center of the map is Lake Anna), Richmond is the closest metropolitan area if you are looking for movie theaters, culture or more shopping (click the "Lake Anna Area Map" button above to view a map).

Why visit? Camping, fishing, watersports, and the area is surrounded by historical sites & cities - see our list of things to do and see near Lake Anna below.

Lake Anna was constructed by Dominion Power by building a dam on the North Anna River in 1968. They cleared all of the trees and buildings from the area that the lake would occupy, and by 1972 the dam was completed and all of the clearing activities were finished. Although it had been projected to take 3 years to completely fill the lake, the arrival of Hurricane Agnes and increased rainfall allowed the lake filling to finish in 18 months.

The lake is separated into two components; the public side (also known as the "cold" side) and the private side, working as a cooling pond (also known as the "hot" side). The public side is roughly 9,000 acres (36 km2), while the private side is roughly 4,000 acres (16 km2). The two areas are separated by earthwork dams, so it is not possible to traverse via boat from one side to the other.

 Things to do and/or see at Lake Anna or nearby 
  1. Spend a weekend camping; Christopher Run Campground - no tent? Rent one of their cabins.
  2. Rent a boat or a jet ski if you don’t have your own (click here for a list of rental facilities).
  3. Learn to wakeboard; Visit The Wake Dude, or Wake Anna Surf & Ski.
  4. Have some hard cider at the Coyote Hole Ciderworks. All of the various ciders are made from Virginia local fruit.
  5. Go fishing. There are numerous spots, go to the Lake Anna Guide website to get more information.
  6. Catch some rays at either Christopher Run Campground beach or Lake Anna State park
  7. Venture over to Louisa for breakfast at Floozie’s Pie Shop. Excellent breakfast and even better pies!
  8. Rent a house on the warm side in the fall. There are a number of realtors that can assist with your rental search, try a Google search.
  9. Tired of camp food? Then visit Callie Opie's Orchard Restaurant located at 4533 Zachary Taylor Hwy, Mineral, VA 23117 just south of Route 208. The food here is excellent!
  10. Rent a SUP or kayak - click here to see a list of rental shops.
  11. The Boardwalk on Lake Anna - just below Tim's at Lake Anna. Ice Cream shop, water recreation equipment shop and the food at Tim's is good.
  12. Visit Kings Dominion located at 16000 Theme Park Way, Doswell, VA 23047 on the east side of I-95. It is a 30 mile drive from Lake Anna via route 618/738 and Route 1.
  13. Visit Dominion Raceway located at 6501 Dominion Raceway, Woodford, VA 22580 on the east side of I-95 approximately 32 miles from Lake Anna.
  14. Civil War Sites; click here to see a list of Civil War sites near Lake Anna.
  15. Visit one of the President's homes in Virginia; click here to see a list of President's Homes near Lake Anna.
  16. Explore nearby towns; Including Louisa, Orange, Culpeper, Spotsylvania and Fredericksburg, all located within a 30-minute drive of Lake Anna.
  17. See the 4th of July fireworks show at the lake. Click here for more information.
  18. Horseback Riding: Colchester Equines , Woodbury Farms, Woodpecker Farm, or Google List of Equestrian Centers near Lake Anna.
  19. Visit Cooper Vineyards
  20. North Anna Power Plant Visitor's Center
  21. Click here to view the BBQ Exchange Website in Gordonsville, 19 miles from Mineral and the food here is very good.

Various Lake Anna Launch Ramps

The launch ramp list below is for the "public side" of the lake, because the "warm side" consists only of private houses and communities and since most communities are gated, those launch ramps remain private.

A few of the more popular launch ramps on the public side are - note that there are others, but these are some of the ramps that we have used in the past. Note that each item in this list is linked to that location in case you want to visit that facility;

 Launch Ramps we have utilized 

Water Recreation on Lake Anna

You will be able to see every possible type of water recreation at Lake Anna, ie; water skiing, water ski slalom courses, wake boarding, knee boarding, wake skates, air chairs, tubing, etc. You name it and it can be found somewhere on the lake.

Since the lake is nearly 17 miles long, with numerous coves and inlets, it is almost always possible to find a location where you can endulge your water recreation passion. In addition, it is frequently the case where the early mornings will provide calm water where the water skiing & wakeboarding are excellent. The later in the mornings boaters tend to be tubers and they churn up the water such that wakeboarding and skiing become more problematic.

Lake Anna Dimensions

 Lake Anna is one of the largest freshwater inland reservoirs in Virginia, covering an area of 13,000 acres
 Area: 20.31 square miles
 Max depth: 80 feet
 Length: 16.78 miles
 Surface elevation: 257 feet
 Location: Louisa / Spotsylvania / Orange counties, Virginia, US
 Fish: Striped bass, Largemouth bass, Walleye, Bluegill, Yellow perch, White perch
 Other large Virginia lakes include; Smith Mountain Lake (32 mi²), Kerr Lake (77.22 mi²), and Claytor Lake (7.031 mi²)

Places we Frequent

The following are not the only stores, restaurants or boat facilities - they are just places that we have utilized over the years and are reliable. Would we recommend them to you? Yes !

Tim's at Lake Anna Restaurant & Crabhouse: Located at 200 G Boardwalk Way, Mineral, Virginia, 23117 right on Route 522. This has been a consistently good restaurant since it opened. Click here to visit their web site. Tim's is located just two miles north of the Christopher Run Campground also on Route 522.

Highpoint Marina & Lighthouse Inn: Located at 4634 Courthouse Rd. Mineral, VA 23117 on Route 208. Gasoline pumps, launch facilities, small grocery store, boat storage facility and an inn. Click here to visit their web site. Highpoint is located on the eastern side of Lake Anna, immediately after you have crossed the Route 208 bridge.

Mineral, VA: where you will find a couple of restaurants; Jo-Jo's Super Heros and Pizza and Sabor A Mexico. Jo-Jo's also offers a nice size ice cream parlor with tables & chairs. This area is located at the intersection of Route 522 and Route 33, immediately north of the stop light.

New Bridge Market & Deli: located on Route 208 just before you cross the bridge across Lake Anna (north side of the road). Good sandwiches and a small grocery store designed for people who need to fill up their coolers and picnic baskets on the way to a day on the lake.

Elk Creek Country Store: Located at the intersection of Kentucky Springs Road (route 652) and Elk Creek Road (route 614). This is our "go to gas station" as it is less than 1.5 miles from our property and there is a small grocery store and deli there.

Food Lion Shopping Center: located on Route 208 at the intersection of 208 and route 652. In addition to the grocery store, there are several restaurants including a Subway. The parking lot is large and there is sufficient room to park your boat trailer & tow vehicle.

Dickinson's Store: Located at the intersection of Route 522 and Route 208 at 5072 Zachary Taylor Hwy, Mineral, VA 23117. Located very near to the Christoper Run Campground, Dickinson's offers Shell gasoline, a large set of storage units, a deli and a small grocery facility. Click here to visit their Facebook Page.

Christopher Run Campground: located on Route 522 at 6478 Zachary Taylor Hwy, Mineral, VA 23117. The campground offers tenting & small trailer camping sites, bathroom facilities, boat docks, launch ramps, a small country store and boat equipment. The campground is less than two miles north of Dickinson's Store, click here to visit their website.

Sturgeon Creek Marina: Located on Route 208 at 5107 Courthouse Rd, Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA 22551. This Marina is full-service, with boat rentals, small grocery/deli, boat rentals, launch ramps, etc. This is located on the "Public side" of the lake (aka "cold side") so it can get very busy in the summer! The launch ramps are quite steep, so be prepared to utilize 4wd to launch or recover your boat.

Coyote Hole Ciderworks: Located on the north side of route 208 at 225 Oak Grove Dr, Mineral, VA 23117, just north of the Food Lion Shopping Center. They offer hand-crafted hard cider comprised of 100% Virginia fruit. Click here to visit their website.

Roma Italian Restaurant-Pizza: Also known as "Vinnie's Pizza". Located on route 33 at 406 E Main St, Louisa, VA 23093. We've had a number of really good pizzas here, as well as traditional Italian entrees. Click here to visit their Facebook Page.

Floozie's Pie Shop Cafe: located on the main street of Louisa (route 33) at 109B West Main Street, Louisa, VA 23093. Everything we've had here has been top notch, including awesome breakfasts and amazing pies! Click here to visit their website.

Image is property of Wikipelli

Lake Anna State Park: located at 6800 Lawyers Rd., Spotsylvania, VA 22551 on the eastern side of Lake Anna north of route 208. Nice beach, good parking and some nice hiking trails. Turn north on Lawyers Road just after the Lake Anna Winery as you are headed east on route 208 and follow the signs. Click here to visit their website.

Image is property of The Cove at Lake Anna

The Cove at Lake Anna: located at 6320 Belmont Rd, Mineral, VA 23117 (route 719) adjacent to Dillard's Bridge. Besides the good restaurant, there is a small country store, boat ramps, gasoline pumps, boat rental, etc. At the intersection of route 522 and 719 (1/2 mile south of Christopher Run Campground) turn left (east) onto route 719. Days Bridge road turns into Belmont Road. Distance from Christopher Run is approximately 3.7 miles. Click here to visit their web site.

MooThru Remington: located at 11402 James Madison Hwy, Remington, VA on the western side of route 29. When we lived in Northern Virginia, we would drive by here on the way to Lake Anna. After our first visit here we found out what was causing all of the crowds - the ice cream is fantastic! Click here to visit their website.

MooThru Lake Anna: located at 200 Boardwalk Way, Mineral, Virginia 23117 in the Tim's Restaurant building first floor facing the lake. We enjoy coming here because you can enjoy your ice cream in one of the provided chairs and watch all of the boats go back and forth underneath the Route 522 bridge. Click here to visit their web site.

Image is property of Tavern on the Rail

Tavern on the Rail: located at 81 Tavern Rd, Mineral, VA 23117. Yes they are located adjacent to an active railroad track, and you will hear the occasional train roll by. However, the food here makes the visit worthwhile! Click here to visit their website.

Image is property of The Guild

Obrigado Restaurant: located at 109 W Main St, Louisa, VA 23093 immediately next door to Floozies. Food here is very good and includes some European dishes, seafood, etc. Click here to visit their web site.

Image is property of Callie Opie's Orchard Restaurant
Image is property of Callie Opie's Orchard Restaurant

Callie Opie's Orchard Restaurant: Located at 4533 Zachary Taylor Highway, Mineral, VA 23117, just south of the route 208 intersection on the west side of route 522. Food here is excellent, click here to visit their website.


There is something for everyone at Lake Anna - there are boat dealers, boat rental shops, land for sale, homes for sale (on both sides of the lake), farms for sale, etc. Not looking to buy? There are a number of rental shops for all the above as well. A Google search can provide you with just about anything you would want to find, have fun!

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