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This was day 6 of our Southwest Road-Trip and we are on our way to Santa Fe via U.S. Highway 285. Since Roswell was only 77 miles north of Carlsbad - and - since aliens are known to have landed here in 1947 (controversial we know, but who knows for certain?) we decided we would stop here and explore the International UFO Museum before continuing the drive north.

The International UFO Museum is easy to find, as U.S. 285 goes right through the middle of Roswell and Main Street (where the museum resides) is one and the same as 285. It is located on the west side of the street with an adjacent parking lot, so it is very easy to get to and visit.

The Museum is a haven for extraterrestrial enthusiasts and it digs deep into the famed 1947 Roswell Incident, showcasing artifacts and information that will leave you pondering. We explored exhibits about global UFO sightings (including the famous U.S. Navy videos), alien abductions, and even the possibility of ancient astronauts. Their extensive research library (separate but adjacent to the museum), brimming with thousands of documents and videos, is a treasure trove for curious minds.

Step inside and you are greeted by a prominent display dedicated to the 1947 Roswell Incident. Newspaper clippings, recovered debris replicas, and witness testimonies paint a vivid picture of this groundbreaking event. Whether a believer or a skeptic, the exhibit ignites curiosity and invites you to delve deeper.

The museum's reach extends far beyond a single incident. Explore dedicated sections showcasing UFO sightings throughout history, from compelling photographs to intriguing eyewitness accounts. Interactive displays allow you to analyze radar data and even pilot a virtual UFO!

The museum houses a well-stocked library and research center, brimming with books, articles, and documentaries on UFO phenomena. If you're looking to delve deeper, this treasure trove of information is sure to satisfy your curiosity.

International UFO Museum 

Roswell is a small town (population was 47,390 in 2022) but this part of New Mexico is sparsely populated, and as we are both science fiction fans - this was a must-stop for us. The information, videos and the presentations we saw in the museum were informative and entertaining. We spent an hour and half exploring the Museum's exhibits, the research center and the gift shop.

Since it was still 191 miles to Santa Fe, we got back onto highway U.S. 285 and continued north. There is not much along this highway, very much wide-open expanse so be sure your gas tank is full before you depart Roswell. There is a gas station in Vaughn, NM but not much else.

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