Amicalola State Park, GA

This was our first stop on our Blue Ridge Adventure route, pretty much straight north from Sarasota, past Atlanta, 583 miles from our home in Sarasota. Northern Georgia is very pretty, mountains because you are on the southern tier of the Appalachian Mountain Range.

Exploring Amicalola Falls State Park   Map

Our first day of travel was occupied by the drive from Sarasota, FL to Amicalola Falls, GA. This Park & Lodge is an 829-acre Georgia state park located between Ellijay and Dahlonega in Dawsonville, Georgia. The park's name is derived from a Cherokee language word meaning "tumbling waters". The 429 foot high Falls are the tallest in Georgia

The Southern entrance to the Appalachian Trail can be reached here via the Appalachian Approach Trail an 8 mile trail starting near the Park Visitor Center. It is possible to drive to the Appalachian Trail starting point, but it is all dirt roads, seriously uphill and has very little parking.

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Demonstrates how good it felt to not be driving any further, and how comfortable the temperature was that day. We celebrated our arrival, and then set out to explore the area.

The stream that was immediately behind our cabin, is a very picturesque setting and the sound the stream made all night long was very relaxing.

The Amicalola Falls Park Lodge is located near the top of the falls, and this is the view from the rear of the building. The Maple Restaurant is located on the left side of the building, and as you can see, the view of the valley from the restaurant is great.

Looking upstream from behind our cabin. You can see the next cabin just beyond the trees. Cabins were placed far enough apart to where noise was not a factor.

Looking at the rear of our cabin from the stream.

This is the "bedroom-side" of the cabin, as you can see, this is a good sized cabin and very comfortable.

Amicalola Falls Lower Falls

In the left side image the stairs parallel the falls and stream bed all the way up. The walk up those stairs was steep, but worth every step as the views of the stream were nice.

In the right side image, Amicalola Falls stairs do seem to go on forever, much easier going down than it was going up! You get a constant serenade from the water as it cascades down to the bottom of the hill, ending near our cabin.

The hiking trail behind our cabin, which led us to the waterfall stairs.

You can see how steep the stairs are, but that is where you have to go to reach the top of the falls.

Top of the falls, fantastic view of the waterfall from the observation deck on the stairs.

Scenes around the Park
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