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Brohard Dog Park Sarasota, FL

Brohard Dog Park is a haven for dog lovers and their furry companions. This unique and inviting park is one of the few dog-friendly beaches in the area, making it a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Nestled along the Gulf of Mexico, Brohard Dog Park features a beautiful sandy beach where dogs can run, play, and splash in the waves off-leash.

The park provides separate areas for small and large dogs, ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for all breeds and sizes. Dog owners can relax under shaded pavilions while their pets socialize and make new friends. The park also offers amenities such as doggie showers and water stations to keep pets hydrated and clean after their beach adventures.

Brohard Beach Park   Map
Brohard Beach Park Amenities
  • Benches
  • Dog Park
  • Water Fountains
  • Dog Water Fountains
  • Litter Receptacles
  • Picnic Tables
  • Dog Shower(s)
Brohard Beach Park Hours
  • 7 a.m. - dusk

Dog Park Rules: These are self-policed rules, but you will find that the locals will quickly remind you of what the rules are! These are primarily common sense rules and note that there are dog poop bags provided by the park. You should be capable of cleaning up after your dog and insuring that any holes your dog may have dug, are filled in when you depart.

Dog Park Areas: There are two areas; one for large dogs and one for small dogs. You will find that most small dog owners will prefer to use the small dog area for the obvious reasons. You should exercise some caution when you bring your dog to the large dog area, there are dogs that are laid back and there are others that are wary - use caution until you determine what dogs are there when you visit.

Dog Cleanup Area: The large dog area has several low lying areas which will fill up with water after a rain storm, so your dog is going to get muddy while playing with the other dogs. The cleanup area has a hose to allow you to cleanup your dog prior to your departure.

Small Dog Area: This area is good sized and can be entered separately from the large dog area. It has a fence gate to allow you to enter the large dog area as well. The rules state that "small dogs" are 20 pounds or less in size.

Large Dog Area: This area quite large and also contains the beach access gate. Dogs have plenty of room here to run and chase each other - I am not sure of the exact dimensions of this area, but it is easily 150 yards end-to-end.

Dog Owner Seating: The large dog area contains several picnic tables where owners congregate while their dogs play.

The fenced-in area of the dog park is comprised of a larger area for big dogs, and a smaller area for smaller dogs. There are a number of shady trees and picnic tables for dog owners to enjoy their stay while their dogs play. There are several dog waste bag stations, and owners are required to cleanup after their dogs. All fenced entrances are double-gated, to allow for owners to be able to not have other dogs join their arrival or exit.

Brohard Beach and Paw Park is the only beach area where canine companions are allowed to join their human friends on the beach. Amenities include picnic tables, benches, showers, Water Fountains and more.

Dog Beach access is via the western gate in the large dog area, and a short walk to the beach area. The dog beach area has a specific boundary sign at the northern and southern ends of the dog beach - do not go beyond those signs with your dog or you could be given a citation.

Many people take their own beach chairs and snacks, including water for their dogs (there is currently no water source at the beach). Taking dog toys together with snacks, insures that your dog will have as much fun as possible.

WARNING: The Dog Beach area is not fenced, there are warning signs at the southern and northern end of the dog beach telling you that dogs are not allowed beyond the sign. You will find that certain locals will be right next to the signs and they will gleefully warn you that you are breaking the law if your dog goes beyond the signs. Even if your dog is on a leash, you are not allowed past the "dog area" signs.

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