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by Celeste & Terry Lipford

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Our Planning Page

We tend to do quite a bit of research when we plan a trip, come read how we do our planning.

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European Travel Tips

Travel in Europe is somewhat different than elsewhere, come read how we have learned to deal with those differences.

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Flying Business Class

We travel using Airline miles, but we've learned some of the airline tricks along the way. Come read how we do it.

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Our Paris Tips

You can easily find a number of sites that offer simplistic tips for Paris and France, come read how our practical and useful tips can help you enjoy Paris even more.

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European Auto Rentals

There are some unique differences between renting in the USA versus Europe, come read how we've learned to deal with those differences.

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1 Million Hilton Honors Points

How we did it in 17 Months - the inside scoop. Come on and read about it, it is simpler than you would think!

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Christmas w/o Presents

We tried an experiment one year, and it turned out to be different than we had thought, come read about what we did.

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Some of our Favorite Sarasota Eateries

You might expect that we would have a list of favorites since we've lived here for a while. Come read what our list is all about.

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Practical Travel Clothes

When you travel as often as we do, you tend to come up with ideas on how to minimize hassle and enhance comfort. Come on over and read about our thoughts on this subject.

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An Interesting DIY Project

This is a video of a patio table refinishing project that Celeste did, it turned out so well we thought we'd share it with you.

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Places we would fly to just to have dinner

This is our list of restaurants that we felt were so good, that we would fly there immediately just to enjoy a meal there again! Now that might sound unusual, or perhaps even a bit silly, but this is a long time favorite bit of humour in our family because we had great meals at each of these places.

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Viking River Cruise Review: our Point of View

Information about Viking River Cruises from our perspective. Yeah, we've taken two of their cruises, and we enjoyed both, but this page is not about making promoting what they do, it is all about trying to inform you as to what you should expect from travelling with them.

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Driving in France Information

Driving a vehicle in France is not quite the same as it is in the United States. We have collected some information and details that we found useful to know while driving in France. We will start with road signs and then on to other information you will want to have.

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