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This is our list of content for all of our multi-destination Trips, organized by each trip we took. Select the trip you are interested in by clicking that name, and the content available for that trip will be displayed.

Colorado/Utah/Arizona Adventure

A road trip that would allow us to visit Colorado Ski areas that we had not yet visited, plus visit the Big Five National Parks in Utah, then into Arizona to see Lake Powell and the Four Corners area of New Mexico before driving into the southwestern corner of Colorado - could there be a more exciting road trip? We were excited about the list of places we were going to visit!

Northern and Central California; A Two Week Driving Itinerary

Due to COVID we planned to stick to traveling in the United States in 2021. Northern and central California has been on our list for a while...the lure of San Francisco, the hills, the seafood, giant redwood trees, wine country, Yosemite and Pacific Coast Highway are irresistible when you start thinking about it... California has the most diverse terrain in the United States. From the Mexican border to Oregon, It stretches for over 900 miles and includes jagged coastline, the Sierra Nevada mountains, central valley farmland, dry deserts and an ideal climate for growing wine. California has nine national parks which is more than any other state and also contains 280 state parks.

Exploring Italy Family Style

This Family trip to Italy was motivated by the idea of exploring a number of Italian locations, ie; Rome, Florence, Siena, Pisa, Livorno, Venice and the Ferrari Factory in Maranello. This blog page will provide you with an overview of the trip with links to each place we visited.

We utilized the Italian Railroad System for most of the trip, only had a rental car while we were in Florence - due to the distances involved for some of the day trips we had planned.

Road Trip through the Carolinas

We had decided to relocate from Virginia, but had not yet settled on where we wanted to move to, and since we had read a number of interesting articles about the Carolinas - we decided to combine a trip of investigation, with some R&R and some fun.

A Drive through New England

A road trip from Springfield, MA through New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Plymouth, MA and Cape Code, MA.

Our Blue Ridge Romp

A road trip from Sarasota, FL through Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and back to Sarasota.

In Search of Templar Castles

Our 2013 European Driving Adventure through Paris to Bordeaux, Carcassonne, Lake Annecy and ending in Munich. This blog page will provide you with the trip overview with links to each place we visited.

Exploring the Maine Coastline

A road trip from Boston to Bar Harbor, ME and back. Multiple side-trips to take in interesting locations as the trip progressed.

Fjords, Windmills, Mountains & Lakes

Our 2017 European Driving Adventure through Copenhagen to Oslo, Bergen, Amsterdam, Bruges Belgium, Lake Hallstatt Austria, Grindelwald Switzerland and Lake Como, Italy. This was our biggest trip we have made, distance, # of countries, huge geographic variations, and entertaining every step of the way.

Norway in a Nutshell

This train tour starts in Oslo, and travels to Myrdal, Norway where you switch to a train that will take you to Flam, Norway. Once in Flam, you will then travel across several Fjords to Gudvangen where you will get on another train to Bergen.

This train route covers 340 kilometers in approximately five hours, and the route is through some very spectacular portions of Norway.

3 Week Itinerary Paris to Portimao

Our 2018 European Adventure through Paris, Mont Saint-Michel, Nice, Monaco, Madrid and Portugal from Porto to Portimao. We flew or rode trains to most locations but used a rental car once we reached Portugal.


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